For your brand to be important in the market, it has to be relevant to the consumer, and this is achieved with positioning.

What is positioning?

Positioning is the place that a brand or a product occupies in the minds of consumers with respect to its competition. This means that when a consumer is in the purchase decision process, they have what is called a “consideration set”, which are the brands that come to mind when buying the product or service.


How do I achieve the positioning of my brand?

The first step is the choice of competitive advantage, which is what will differentiate us from the competition, and therefore will position us in the market. Once the competitive advantage has been decided, the next thing will be to choose a positioning strategy and finally communicate that chosen positioning.

How do I choose a Competitive Advantage?

For this you have to take into account these aspects:
    Is the advantage I am offering relevant? You always have to choose them from consumer preferences.
    It means that in addition to being a preference for the consumer, it is also economically profitable for the brand.
    It has to be an exclusive advantage that does not resemble what others already offer.

Positioning strategies

More for more
It is about giving more benefits at a higher price. The best example for this case is Apple. We know that their prices are high, but in return you get more than with an average supplier in the market.
More for the same
This positioning strategy consists of giving more benefits for the same price. It is a way of attacking the “more for more” positioning.
The same for less
This is commonly known as “trinkets”. You buy exactly the same but cheaper.

Much less for less
In this case of positioning, the benefits are much lower but for a lower price. 

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