Romina Valladolid, Creative Director of Agencia Mejor Digital, in a note for Forbes Argentina spoke about the importance of generating Comprehensive Strategies focused on real objectives, when carrying out actions on Social Networks.

How to know if your company’s social networks are in good hands

Many companies know that it is necessary to be on Instagram but they don’t really know how. Are there magic tricks and formulas to sell more? This is what the specialists say.

Instagram , one of the social networks most used at the moment, has more and more uses. Although its main objective was to connect users through photos and videos, the commercial use of the app was consolidated with the pandemic. And the million dollar question is: Is there a formula to sell more on Instagram?

Often, you see ads on social networks promising magic solutions to have sales results. How much of all this is real?

Asked about this, Romina Valladolid from Mejor Digital explained that “there is no universal recipe, since each brand can be in a different stage of development, and even have its own brand personality and target different audiences.”

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Plan content

What can be taken as a recipe to sell more, is to generate a planning with clear objectives, and work every day to carry it out successfully.

completed by Romina Valladolid of Agencia Mejor Digital.

Valladolid lists & nbsp; common mistakes that companies make on social networks. The main one, in his opinion, is that some brands create profiles as if they were people instead of business profiles. Another mistake he mentions is that certain companies open profiles on all social networks instead of developing a strategy and analyzing where their potential customers are.

“When we open a new social network it is necessary to plan content regularly because, otherwise, our brand will seem ‘abandoned’,” he added. However, there is also the opposite effect: creating content too often without planning them. “If brands post or make stories without careful organization, they run the risk of that the public loses interest by saturating them with information that does not have a common thread “.

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