The investment in online advertising depends not only on the marketing objectives but also on the characteristics of the products / services and the brand identity.

Advertising investment could be more effective if you decide to choose to generate quality ads, and in this note we will tell you how and why.

Advertising is one of the keys to promoting products or services, so it is important to allocate fixed monthly investments according to objectives. Looking at companies of different sizes, industries, products, and platforms, advertising spending is expected to exceed $ 690 billion over the next year, 2022. To realize how important this spending is, we know that Nike, In addition to being considered one of the companies with the highest brand value today, it is also one of the companies with the highest expenses in advertising, since during 2019 they made expenses in excess of 3,700 million dollars, a figure that demonstrates the importance of paying for these services.

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Create an online advertising plan in the digital world

Internet and Social Networks are the essential platforms, spaces and tools to direct the advertising of companies. Internet users grew by leaps and bounds during 2020 and 2021, almost 60% of the world’s population has access to the Internet, and consequently, around 56 million people are already using Social Networks. The average time that users spend on the Internet worldwide is 6 hours and 54 minutes daily; while in Social Networks, the world average of time they spend is 2 hours and 25 minutes a day.

These data demonstrate the importance of an appropriate investment of our time, money and efforts in choosing to choose these media for quality online advertising over other more traditional media. In addition to the time of permanence, it should also be noted that the tools in digital media can achieve that less monetary amounts are invested to have a higher percentage of prospects and leads thanks to the segmentation of said content.

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The best ways to invest in online advertising campaigns

Although traditional media, if used correctly can be a good area to invest in advertising, digital platforms undoubtedly take the prize as the best place to promote our products, so we will show you the best places to invest it:

Google Search, Display and Remarketing

Advertising on Google is very effective because you pay for results. These results are the entry of users who previously searched on Google for what you sell, chose you among other advertisers and natural results and entered your Landing Page by clicking on your Ad. For this we are going to maintain a kind of checking account with Google, where there is an advertising balance and as your ads receive clicks, the CPC (cost per click) is deducted from that checking account. In this way, the more clicks (interested customers), the more possible queries and future sales we have with this strategy.

Social Media

As we told you above, the average time of permanence in Social Networks by users is 2 hours and 25 minutes worldwide and this allows us to segment the ads to be able to reach our target easier and faster, therefore that Social Ads are essential to make us known today.


E-Commerce platforms showed their importance in recent years (especially since the pandemic), where there was greater traffic and increased sales in online stores. That is why being present on the platforms that millions of users use while making their purchases is an excellent idea, and it should be part of your investment plan in online advertising.

Audiovisual content

Much of the most popular shared content on Social Networks and the Internet in general are audio and video content. They manage to capture the user’s attention in a few seconds, allow us to give a better approach to the communication of our products or services, and even have a greater possibility of being shared by consumers, many times making them go viral and have a massive reach.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the kings of Social Networks and the favorites of many brands to viralize their content, products and services quickly and exponentially. 48% of the companies that are on Instagram, chose at some time to use influencer marketing within their Online Advertising Investment Plan. The most important thing to take into account in this case is to work on the correct choice of the influencer and his audience, so that he communicates correctly and attracts a new audience from your target, for your brand.

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Invest in better ads

Possibly one of the most complicated decisions when making an investment plan in online advertising is the time to choose whether it is best to pay for the number of ads, or to achieve a better quality in them.

Throughout the years, the exposure of consumers to ads has been constantly growing due to their increased permanence in online media. Users consume advertising constantly. This causes them to be tired of encountering this type of strategy that bombards them on any website and social network they visit, especially during their leisure time.

By exposing an excessive number of ads, consumers (despite receiving messages that may have been of interest to them) end up closing the ad without even wondering what it is, so advertising investments can be affected.

In recent years, we have seen the appearance of creative advertisements more and more present, where messages, images and quality predominate, demonstrating that a well-made and segmented advertisement is enough to be viral and reach the target audience, without the need to invest large amounts of money.

The creative and valuable contents manage to capture the attention of the consumer and attract the view of the users on their screens, they manage to stand out among the thousands of ads that users see every day and improve the results and the experience. Depending on your Marketing objectives, the characteristics of your products or services, brand image and other characteristics, investments in advertising could be more effective if you decide to opt for quality ads.

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We are Google PARTNER Certified!

Having this seal means that Google certifies that we are a company that meets all its evaluation requirements and good practices by implementing Advertising Campaigns under the highest quality standards. We specialize in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Video Ads and Website Development for mobile devices.
Además estamos certificados como Facebook Marketing Partners, Google Workspace Reseller Oficial, Bing CertificateWoorank Expert,Tiendanube especialista y Consultora Certificada por MercadoLibre. Estarás sumando a tu empresa a un equipo que crea estrategias rentables, campañas exitosas y contenidos de alto impacto. 

Shall we define your investment plan in online advertising together?

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