Google Advertising Pack with Landing Page

It is an ideal package for those who seek results developing actions focused on increasing sales.

Landing Page Publicidad Google

Increase your sales!

Surely it happened to you that when you wanted to make a purchase or know something, you solved it by entering Google. That is why we created this special Pack so that in those searches your brand stands out with a correct digital strategy.


From Agencia Mejor Digital we accompany you to achieve together the growth of your brand, with a personalized proposal according to your needs!

Nº 1 in Google

Professional digital presence

Millions of customers use Google to find information, interact with brands and buy from wherever they are.

Professional team + continuous and constant work

We develop effective strategies to build the digital presence of your brand and achieve excellent results.

Google Partner Certified Agency

By contracting this Advertising Pack on Google with Landing Page you access at a lower price than what it would cost you to contract the services separately, and also, made by experts!


Nowadays it seems that time is never enough, that's why at Better Digital Agency we make it easier. We simplify the selection of services and we propose this Google Advertising Pack with Landing Page. For you, who want your brand to have a professional digital presence, we have a pack of services designed exclusively for search performance: generation of quality contacts, focused on sales and commercial objectives.

How does this Pack work?

We work as a team so that your company stands out and increases your sales, in just 3 steps:

Step 1

Hire our Google Advertising Pack with Landing Page.

Step 2

We send you the request for material to know everything about your brand and develop the Landing Page, optimized 100% for advertising.

Step 3

Once the Landing Page is online we are ready to advance in the most important stage of the Strategy, and the one that generates results: Advertising on Google.

Do you want to add to this Strategy actions in Social Networks, Email Marketing campaigns and professional monitoring with a Monthly Agency Fee?

There are other services that we can work on to further enhance your Digital Strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you and accompany you at all times!

They already chose us

We are passionate about Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Web Development, Graphic Design and Communication.
Our clients have already experienced the advantage of working with a Certified team: you can do the same for your company too!

El Corral Muebles

Children's and youth furniture factory

We highlight the professionalism with which they work and the excellent treatment they maintain with us. It is a joy for us to work with you!

John Martin / Pipeta block!

Argentine Laboratory of Veterinary Medicines

We have been working with Mejor Digital for more than a year. We saw how our image quickly improved on social media and on google. We receive quick responses according to our requirements. Every day they get more and more involved in our business (pets) generating new proposals to improve not only our image, but also our sales. A reliable and effective ally to enhance the brand in the digital world.

Royal Cort

Roller blind factory

We want to highlight the deal we maintain with Mejor Digital, from the beginning always providing new ideas and solving our needs with total professionalism, both in design and strategies so that our brand continues to grow!

Cupo en Dólares


267 / 5000 Resultados de traducción We are a Chilean company and we placed our trust in Mejor Digital years ago. They provide us with remote, fast and efficient assistance, in everything that refers to our online presence, which is very important to achieve the sustained growth of Quota in Dollars.



Although we have not been working with Better Digital for too long, we have an excellent relationship! They have a lot of dynamism, inventiveness and good taste, they are very young people and they are trained for the subject. But the aspect that most interests me to highlight is the HUMAN one: they are understanding, patient, always predisposed to collaborate, they make you feel like one of the family.

We are restless!

We are curious and creative, that is why we generate strategies and digital solutions with a clear objective: YOUR GROWTH. Always through continuous advice that allows you to get the most out of the online world.

Our Certifications

We have training that approve our professional knowledge, that is why we are Google Partner Agency + Facebook Marketing Partners + Official Google Suite Reseller + Bing Certificate + Woorank Expert + Specialist Tendube + MercadoLibre Certified Consultant.

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