We tell you everything that cannot be missing in your Digital Marketing strategy for 2022, and how to make the most of your budget and your investment in online actions.

To understand what companies need to create their Digital Marketing strategy for 2022, it is essential to analyze the context in which we are starting this new year. We know that Digital Marketing will continue to demonstrate its importance in 2022 to generate sales for companies in different fields, and this is due in large part to the change in consumer mentality since the pandemic, which managed to open up new and better options to generate experiences in the online environment.

The social context of 2022

Currently, the consumer is going out more and more to the streets, among the main reasons, the arrival of the vaccine and the desire to go out and explore new experiences after having been locked up at home. Due to this, the consumer changed his preferences, his way of being, his needs, his way of buying and the contents that attract him in his moments of leisure and relaxation. And it will continue to change and transform month by month in 2022.

Going back a bit, 2020 and 2021 were pivotal years for the development of businesses, both physical and digital. Major global and regional studies show that:

  • Approximately 60% of the world population has access to the Internet beginning in 2022, that is, 7.5% more users compared to 2020.
  • 1 in 5 businesses found it necessary to close the doors of their physical premises due to the pandemic, seeking new sales possibilities and opportunities in the digital world.
  • The decrease in social mobility due to Covid-19 had a positive impact on online sales, causing them to increase by an average of 80% since 2020.

Every year, new Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing strategies arrive to be able to exploit them to the fullest. Because of this, we must choose in 2022 to create hybrid or mixed marketing strategies, where we bring together the best of both worlds.

We show you below some of the most important actions to develop in 2022.

digital marketing strategy 2022

1) Communicate more personal and personalized content

It was shown that since the arrival of Covid-19, the consumer had identifications closer to campaigns where they were shown to be aware of the situation that was happening around the world, empathizing with it, a trend that will prevail.

For this reason, the content of the companies that are more organic, warm and personalized to their potential clients and their already clients, obviously, will be the ones that generate the greatest positive impact.

2) Lean on Experiential Marketing

As we already know, customers are more likely to repeatedly consume the same brand if they remember it as a unique and special experience. Experiential Marketing is based on analysis of the sociocultural context, neuroscience techniques and inbound marketing practices.

This Marketing strategy that fills people with emotions will be key in 2022, since the consumer is eager to go out on the streets again in search of new experiences. And what better way to do it than associating positive experiences accompanied by your favorite brands.

So we suggest you be vigilant to plan and implement all kinds of experiences, whether they are big or small, slow or fleeting, the most important thing will be to think about them in your Action Plan for 2022.

digital marketing strategy 2022

3) Plan quality Advertising Campaigns

Consumers are constantly receiving an incalculable barrage of advertising content from different companies, which is why it is already an automated habit for them to close pop-ups, click on buttons like “Skip intro” or “Skip Ads”, completely avoiding paying Pay attention to this type of content.

Being one more advertisement that consumers are going to close is not an effective strategy. To be more likely to stand out in the universe of ads that users see every day, we recommend you choose to carry out well-segmented Advertising Campaigns with creative messages and designs.

4) Link the physical and online worlds

Although the consumer quickly adapted and familiarized himself with digital content, he also seeks to explore new horizons, so he seeks the benefits that both worlds provide. Not only will it be enough for your favorite brands to be found on E-commerce platforms or in your physical stores, but in 2022 you will look for ways in which both can be integrated, for example by creating strategies that benefit and facilitate the Pick-up service, where the user buys online and then picks up his order physically, saving the cost of the shipment for the buyer, and facilitating logistics for the company. A clear win-win!


5) Think about offering spaces and messages in favor of trends

The world is constantly changing, and in recent years we have witnessed the change of different previously established social customs. Among these strategies are companies that are inclusive, in favor of diversity and are aware of the needs that people have to be with their pets, showing themselves to be pet-friendly.

6) Generate spaces more than to sell, to educate

As we told you in point 3 of this note, users are no longer interested and open to receiving invasive Advertising ads. And taking this into account, opportunities are opened to create content, events and spaces to educate consumers, giving discreet advertising in a more interesting way that is not so invasive.

marketing strategy

7) Offer customer service with human connections

Faced with a world full of unfriendly and automated technologies and services with chat bots, added to the forced social distancing, users are looking for human interaction more than ever, especially within digital media. It will be important to think about the option of implementing C-commerce within the strategies for 2022, which is shown to be effective in providing better customer/user interaction.

C-Commerce is also known as conversational commerce and consists of buying and selling a product or service through a messaging application, such as WhatsApp.

8) Set clear business goals

To have optimal use of Digital Marketing for this 2022, the business objective must be clear, which will help to allocate the budget more effectively and efficiently. To do this, you must identify the channels and points of contact with your customers, and the actions that will be vital to achieving those objectives.

If you are looking to generate more income in your Online Store, you can focus on increasing the number of orders, increasing your sales, raising the average ticket and reducing the customer abandonment rate.

If the objective is to boost brand reputation and develop loyal customers, we recommend you focus on increasing participation in your Social Networks, developing attractive content of value, encouraging followers / customers to share and interact with it.

At this point comes SEO and content marketing that increase visibility. For businesses to be successful, they must focus on delivering optimized and personalized content experiences.

In conclusion:

To make the most of the power of Digital Marketing in 2022, companies must set clear, measurable and achievable objectives. Brands must have a team that helps them develop their own personality and values to generate meaningful individual interactions and personalized positive experiences with their customers, boosting sales and making the most of all the media in which their presence is developed, both online and offline.

Digital Marketing

Do you need help to define and implement your Digital Marketing strategy for 2022?

These are just some of the trends to create a successful Digital Marketing strategy for 2022 and if you don’t take them into account, they will surely become that famous “stone in your shoe” that will prevent you from moving forward and growing in this new year that It already started.

If you need help fine-tuning your E-commerce, your Online Advertising Campaigns, your Social Networks, your MercadoLibre user, your Landing Page, seeking to implement a 360º strategy of sustained growth, don’t hesitate to talk to us. At Agencia Mejor Digital we have a team of Marketing, Advertising, Design and Communication professionals. We invite you to stop for a moment and talk about these and other trends that we can implement in your company, and that will give you an invaluable advantage over the competition.

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