We tell you everything about how to choose what you are going to sell and how to implement it.

Are you thinking of starting to sell online and don’t know where to start? The first thing is to define what you are going to sell. That is why below we will tell you 3 profitable business ideas for your online entrepreneurship.

vender online productos
Do you sell physical products? Having an orderly online store with the greatest detail of your products will be the key.

1) Physical products

Surely this option is the first idea when one asks: what can I sell online? It refers to tangible objects that you, as a seller, send to your customers by delivering personally (pick up at a local or showroom) or through some means of delivery (home or pick up at a post office).

  • Some examples of physical products that you can sell: clothing, footwear, accessories, personal care products, pet supplies, decoration, furniture, plants, bookstore and stationery.

2) Servicies

They can be offline or online services, always carrying out the transaction via the internet. It is a business model that works especially for those who seek to create an enterprise based on their knowledge or skills.

  • Some examples of services that you can sell: distance (virtual) consultancies about a subject in which you have experience, or charge in advance through your online store for services that you will then perform in person, such as take photos at events.

vender online cursos
¿Sos experto en tu área y te gusta enseñar? Una excelente opción es vender cursos online, ya sea grabados o con sesiones en vivo.

3) Digital Products

As in the previous idea of selling services, selling digital products implies working with those knowledge and skills that you have, and that you can take advantage of. The difference is that they can be attractive and useful products for many people, but without being tailor-made for each client.

  • Some examples of digital products that you can sell: online courses, ebooks, songs, photographs.

Do you need help to define your digital marketing strategy to start selling online?

Now that you have several profitable online business options, you can start to get inspired and think about what your identity is going to be like and how you are going to sell online. At Agencia Mejor Digital we have a team of Marketing, Advertising, Design and Communication professionals. Call us to start working on your brand’s professional online presence. Let’s get started today, talk to us!

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