El Digital de Asturias is an online news and current affairs newspaper that offers news on technology, business, calendars, tourism, sports, weather, society, horoscopes and leisure. He dedicated a note to develop the importance of detecting, analyzing and developing when it is time for companies to carry out the comprehensive rebranding of their corporate identity.

Many thanks to the newspaper El Digital de Asturias for presenting us as the recommended 360º Agency to carry out the development of rebranding!

Rebranding of a brand, why is it necessary?

When we talk about brand definition, we imagine creating an identity from scratch, shaping it for the first time, but what happens if we need a reorganization, a new image from the same concept? Rebranding, more embedded in the language of marketing than ever, is what answers this.

Sometimes, even though our product philosophy has worked for years, we need to give it a facelift, go for something different that appeals to both old and new users. While logo design is important here, there are many other things we need to consider.

What are the benefits of rebranding a brand?

The rebranding of a brand is done to modify the identity of the firm with the idea of improving the perception of users. Impacting all the sections of your organization, it becomes fundamental for those businesses that have spent years without innovating with anything, but what kind of benefits does it have?

Better user perception

In constant search for new emotions and/or experiences, brand identity rebranding improves what the user perceives of us. It doesn’t matter if you are a new customer or someone who has been buying the products for years, seeing something different always creates curiosity and a lot of desire to try it.

Mark the difference

Do you know how many firms of your competition will want to copy your idea? The moment they see that your new image is working, they will know that it is their turn to innovate too, but you, during the following season, will be making a difference. Do not stay without seeing how much you like it!

Impact sensation

When we change some aspect of ourselves we create a sensation of impact. The simple fact of going to the hairdresser generates expectations in others the moment they see us but, of course, we remain the same. In any case, even for those who are used to us, we will have something new to tell.

Win customers

Although established companies enjoy a significant flow of customers, it never hurts to have some new ones. The rebranding of a brand helps us with the generations that are now, who still do not know anything of what we have done before. Are you excited about it?


There are many companies that, from having a local business in which people were served physically, have found themselves in the online stampede and, based on this, they must redesign their entire image. The rebranding here serves as a sign that there is a capacity to adapt to new forms of consumption. Do not procrastinate!

Rebranding, a sign of trust

When a company says yes to changing their entire brand identity, it builds a lot of self-confidence. Far from thinking that the old clients will ignore us, when they see that your business dares with something new, they will know that with you there is always the possibility of innovation and/or change towards something worthwhile.

Mejor Digital, the rebranding agency in Argentina that you were waiting for

Now that we know the importance of rebranding for any business worth its salt, you may be wondering what kind of company would be willing to do a campaign design for you from scratch. Agencia Mejor Digital, certified by the highest references in the sector such as Google, Facebook, MercadoLibre, Woorank, Bing and Tiendanube, has established itself in Argentina ahead of many of its competitors.

As a digital marketing agency that has been in the sector for years, it knows that the redesign of a brand -even when it is already recognized in its market- becomes essential after a certain time and that is why it has invested all its training in creating new company images.

Working with all the techniques that can be imagined, the passion that they put into each client together with the experience after so much time of dedication, is what characterizes the Agencia Mejor Digital team. Always studying the particular case of each of our subscribers, we get it to reach the top.

As we can see, rebranding is a way to oxygenate our brand image to the point where we can create a new identity for it. Made so that customers are encouraged to try new things, it also serves as a hallmark of differentiation for those who work with our same products.

Agencia Mejor Digital, which in addition to redesigning what your company wants to say to others, also promotes social media marketing so that your new concept reaches the largest possible audience. In Mejor Digital they take care of everything, they study and implement the best strategies to seek the sustained growth of companies, which have specialized technical consulting, professional design and identity, situation analysis and strategic progress meetings. With the best professionals at your fingertips, you will soon be the envy of your competition.

Now you know! If you have noticed significant drops in the conversion and/or sale of your products, it may be because you need a change that breaks with everything you have done so far. Branding, as a technique that works, may be what you have been waiting for so long.

👉  Read the complete interview “Rebranding of a brand, why is it necessary?” in El Digital de Asturias https://www.eldigitaldeasturias.com/noticias/rebranding-de-una-marca-por-que-es-necesario/


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At Agencia Mejor Digital we are ready to guide and accompany you to carry out the rebranding of your company. We work providing support, monitoring and specialized technical consulting.

Before carrying out the rebranding, we will carry out a complete approach to your company, analyzing the context and history of your brand, to establish objectives by generating a new and better image and identity, making processes, acquisition channels and customer loyalty more efficient.

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