What is Digital Marketing and why is it necessary for a brand?

It is increasingly common to hear the term “digital marketing” or “online marketing”. Many think that this concept covers only social networks, but in reality, it covers much more. On this note, Mejor Digital tells you what is digital marketing.

There is no doubt regarding the usefulness or efficiency of marketing, that is why it has advanced so much in recent years, taking its practice to digital media.

But, what is digital marketing? Is any action we do with our brand on the Internet considered part of this world? What are the best strategies?

In this note we tell you everything!

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is a set of strategies that are carried out in digital media. It aims to promote companies and products.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital includes the use of channels and methods that allow the analysis of results in real time and encompasses other forms of communication..

Medos digitales para potenciar tu presencia online.
Do you already know what digital platform your audience is on?

Thanks to digital marketing, companies can communicate with their audience in a direct, personalized way and at the right time.

Marketing is a social process from which people and groups of people satisfy desires and needs with the creation, offer and free negotiation of products and services of value with others.

Definition of Marketing by Philip Kotler.

At the moment, 51% of the world’s population already has Internet access. In a world where digital consumers abound, not making use of online channels to promote a brand means losing sales opportunities.

This explains what is digital marketing and why it is the best way to promote a brand.

Digital marketing is not just to sell products

When we talk about marketing, advertising and potential clients, we are not only talking about marketing products, but also services or any type of economic exchange.

Using digital media -blogs, sites, search engines, social platforms, emails and others- companies or entities seek to solve desires and meet your audience’s needs.

Digital Marketing can be used by people, companies, educational institutions, NGOs, entrepreneurs, etc.

What is an online marketing strategy?

When we talk about increasing our sales, reaching more people, strengthening positioning and creating a strong brand that stands out, digital marketing offers us many tools to achieve our goals..

El marketing de contenidos como estrategia de marketing digital.
Creativity is very important in digital marketing: you have to think of ways to create entertaining content for the public.

As long as we have a digital marketing plan with strategies that help us fulfill them.

A strategy must consider all relevant spaces where the brand’s public or audience interacts, thus seeking to influence perceptions and opinions, improving the brand image and the position in search engines and, finally, analyzing the information obtained through statistics .

A digital strategy will help define business and communication objectives, identify the ideal channels to position yourself, reach the client and generate conversions.

Benefits of having a digital strategy

Without a digital marketing plan that has strategies, your brand will not have a north and you will feel lost in any action you do in digital.

This is some of what you will achieve by developing an effective strategy:

  • Your brand will become visible: Digital marketing is necessary for any company or project that wants to be recognized. Consumers are very demanding and, if you don’t have an online presence, your audience may not trust you and choose the competition.
  • Use useful tools: Thanks to a strategy, you will be able to know what tools and how to use them in the correct way to boost your business. The combination of graphic design and digital marketing They are necessary.
  • Attract and retain customers: One of the main advantages of digital marketing is that it allows you to attract new customers, reach a wider audience and retain those who have already consumed your brand. This way you will be able to generate a loyal community.
  • Opportunity to correct mistakes : Seeing the results of a marketing plan allows us to see those weak points and direct the strategy in a different way.
  • Allows you to optimize your budget : If you are an entrepreneur and do not have a lot of money to invest, having a strategy will help you see what to invest it in.

Get to know the main concepts of Digital Marketing

Once we understand what Digital Marketing is , the next step is to become familiar with the most well-known concepts in this area.

Agencia de marketing digital especializada en desarrollo web
At Mejor Digital we take care of everything from the development of social networks to the creation of an online store.

Our digital agency explains what it means:

  • SEO : Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of your website so that it is understood by the & nbsp; main search engines, such as Google.
  • CTA : The “Calls to the action “-Call To Action- or CTA, are the buttons or calls that invite users to perform the action we have in mind and thus guide them through the sales funnel. One of them can be “ Sign up for our newsletter and get a 10% discount” or “ Comment which is your favorite product
  • Conversion : It is any action that we expect our audience to execute, in order to direct them to the end of the funnel. Learn more about conversions in marketing digital with our note .
  • Landing Page : These are leads capture pages , its objective is to collect relevant information from users. Look at all the characteristics that a landing page should meet .
  • Leads : They are business opportunities, that is, contacts obtained through an Inbound Marketing strategy.
  • Sales funnel or funnel : It is a concept that represents the stages that a user goes through before becoming a brand customer.
  • Segment: Spread a message to a portion of the audience that has very specific characteristics. Do you know what psychographic segmentation is?
  • Engagement : Level of commitment and emotional connection that customers have with our product, service or brand. In this note we explain how to generate engagement in social networks .

The importance of having a digital marketing agency

If you want to take your brand to the digital world, we recommend hiring the services of a digital marketing agency .

In our digital agency We take care of creating an efficient marketing plan. We design personalized strategies for each brand or company and put them into action.

  • Organize time and strategy: We know how to carry out a correct structure of the strategy and the time required to carry it out.
  • Knowledge of tools: & nbsp; The professionals of our agency know and know how to use different tools that allow us to know the & nbsp; ROI & nbsp; -Return on investment- of an online marketing strategy or to know what they are all the resources that can be used in digital media.
  • Experience with other clients : We have already carried out more than one digital marketing plan for other brands, so we already know the different techniques and expected results. Although each brand is different, there are steps that can be followed to develop an effective strategy.
  • Authenticity : We are a team made up of professionals in marketing, advertising and the graphic design . We keep up to date on what is being talked about in the market and the latest trends. What will allow a brand to be original and stand out.

Did you know that we are Google Partners?

Have you ever heard of Google Partner certifications ?

It is a certification program created by Google, in which digital agencies can validate skills and knowledge.

Having certifications is very important, since they were created to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Agency.

Estrategia de marketing digital para aparecer en los resultados de Google.
We implement digital marketing tactics so that your brand’s website appears on Google.

Google Partners acts as a seal of approval for those who can create impactful and profitable strategies.

The Digital Marketing Agency stands out among its competitors for promoting the continued growth of a brand. In addition to providing personalized attention to each case, Mejor Digital is one of the most consulted by those looking for web solutions.

Agencia de marketing recomendada por Google, El Cronista.

Requirements that an agency must meet to be validated by Google:

  1. Certification: To obtain a certification of Google products, the administrator of the company account must pass the corresponding certification assessment.
  2. Investment: The agency must have a minimum total investment of USD 10,000 (or the equivalent in pesos) in Google ads during the last 3 months in a row. This is to demonstrate that the company has an adequate level of activity.
  3. Performance: the Agency must demonstrate solid overall growth, it must obtain significant income from & nbsp; Advertising on Google Ads, maintain the current customer base and promote its growth.

Do you want us to be your Digital Marketing Agency?

The digital world is something new for many people who are thinking of taking their brand to digital. There are an infinity of concepts that you have to know how to handle, therefore, we recommend you request the services and advice of our certified digital marketing agency: Mejor Digital .

We are here to help you in the development of your brand, from the creation of a innovative visual identity , until the development and implementation of strategies that will boost your business 100%.

Get in contact with us so that we can put together the perfect strategy for your brand.

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