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Buyer Persona: how to create it and why it matters

Federico Bongiorno, from Everest Media, and Romina Valladolid, from Agencia Mejor Digital; They explain in dialogue with POST what are the competitive advantages of knowing the ideal client and provide some tips to build it effectively.

Whenever a marketing strategy is developed or a product is launched on the market, it is necessary to be very clear who you are talking to or selling to. That is, to whom specifically to target. Specialists in the field often call them Buyer Personas, those who are a semi-fictional representation of the ideal client for the brand. Hubspot, a software development company that offers a complete suite of marketing tools, explains that creating them “helps to define who is this audience you want to attract and, above all, they help you to humanize and understand this target audience in greater depth”.

In dialogue with POST, Federico Bongiorno, Co-founder of Everest Media, says that it is “very important to be clear about the ideal client, because it is a common mistake of every entrepreneur to believe that their product is for everyone. Above all, with those commodity products ”. According to him, this ends up in vain efforts to satisfy large population ranges and leads to unnecessary spending on advertising that does not pay off.

For her part, Romina Valladolid, from Agencia Mejor Digital, points out that it is important to know the ideal customer since, “by determining what they are looking for when they make a purchase, we will be able to offer them that which provides a solution to their needs. We will be able to communicate with him in the way that he is reflected and attracted by our brand, with a language that he understands perfectly, guaranteeing what he is looking for ”.

Bongiorno assures that, nowadays, advertising tools have turned to a level of complexity and ability to collect data, that clearly understanding who your ideal client is (their motivations, frustrations, among others) “is a competitive advantage, where that clarity allows you to arrive faster and with less advertising investment ”.

How to build a Buyer Persona

Valladolid, from Mejor Digital, explains that to create our Buyer Persona, it is first necessary to gather specific and real information about him: “Some of the most useful tools to do this detailed research will be surveys, Google Analytics and statistics on social networks” . All this data, he adds, “will be the basis for creating the ideal consumer profile.”

“In my experience, the best way to identify it is by talking directly with the potential client. If you manage to create free samples, interviews, surveys, etc; and you spend your time analyzing the responses generated by those people who ever bought your product or showed interest, you will have good results “, assures Bongiorno, adding that everything you do without having had a dialogue with them,” are hypotheses and speculations ” .

“The best way I found to validate products is by putting them out there for free, interviewing people who bought that, and then building my Buyer persona to go out and sell it,” he says. Likewise, Bongiorno describes that there are currently dozens of predesigned templates on the web with the key questions to build your Buyer Persona and that the important thing is “to dedicate time and do it thoroughly, because it will be the kickoff to everything that you are going to build later as a brand. ”.

As it counts, the templates range from demographic information to deeper details such as fears, motivations, goals, lifestyle, tastes, preferences, among others. In accordance with the latter, Valladolid provides some questions that are usually asked in these cases:

What is your name? (Naming it helps when you have more than one Buyer Persona); How it looks? (Find a photo to accompany the description); What is your profession? Where do you work and what position do you have? Are you happy with your work? How much do you charge?; How is your personal situation? How old are you? Where do you live? Do you have a partner or are you single? He has children?; What are their motivations? What goals do you want to achieve? What do you like to do in your free time?; Why does he want to buy your products / services? What other brands do you buy? How and where do you like to shop?

Buyer Persona vs Target

Bongiorno explains that although they are terms that come from the same place, “the buyer persona is a target market with greater depth. Because not only does it focus on objective information (location, age, among others), but it also enters much more subjective corners such as concerns, pain points, behavior patterns, among others ”. And he adds: “It gives you more mental and emotional information about the potential client.”

Along the same lines, Valladolid believes that target is an “abstract, generic and cold criterion for grouping people”. He points out that in this market segmentation, geographical locations, ages or social classes will be taken into account, but “it will be difficult to personalize the message of the content we generate and the Digital Marketing actions we develop, since that group does not have an authentic identity of its own” .

Instead, he adds, a Buyer Persona has a name and a face. We know everything about him: “His tastes, preferences, what he aspires to in his life, what he wants to do when his working hours are over, what other brands they consume, why and how he likes to buy them. The Buyer Persona complements the Target, allowing a more real mental image to be made and closer to the ideal brand client ”.

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