Discovered the importance of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for your brand.

We are living in times when online sales and digital communities are growing at a very rapid rate. Therefore, in a context in which having a solid Digital Marketing strategy is no longer a choice but a necessity to survive, companies and brands wonder how to choose the best Digital Marketing Agency to hire their services.

Today there are many Digital Agencies

Some specialize only in analysis and strategy planning, others in launching actions from corporate identity design, advertising campaigns or Community Management and others that only analyze results. This makes the choice of the Agency a bit confusing, because many times an integral management of all the stages and processes is needed to make the correct decisions for the future.

At Agencia Mejor Digital, for example, we create 360º Strategies covering the different stages with our multidisciplinary team, fully accompanying the growth of companies.

In the confusion of not knowing which Digital Marketing Agency to hire, companies sometimes make the drastic decision to carry out all Digital Marketing tasks internally. But … is this convenient for brands?

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Digital Marketing Agency or Internal Team?

Many small companies and entrepreneurs think that just being present on Instagram is enough to promote their products and increase their sales and they carry their profiles on social networks “as best they can”. “When they can” upload a story or reel, without real planning or audience study or properly directed advertising pattern.

Brands can make the decision to internally develop the strategy, analysis and implementation of advertising campaigns without the participation of a Digital Marketing Agency, either because they create advantageous certain capabilities such as total management in the “best way” It seems to them “to carry the actions, or the possibility of permanent control of the person who performs those actions, often not qualified for everything that is assigned to him. In doing so, they then miss out on a significant amount of benefits that a truly trained and certified agency can bring.

These advantages have to do with updating and knowledge about the evolution of new technologies, constant development of creatives with new ideas, studies and knowledge about the new market segmentation and how they communicate with each other, generating a correct sales funnel, with a vision towards a different perspective, and not least, the ability to execute the strategies quickly and taking advantage of the key sales dates of the year.

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What to expect from a Digital Marketing Agency?

The first thing is to generate a partnership relationship between the brand and the Digital Marketing Agency. This is essential since when implementing Marketing and Advertising campaigns, a close and informed relationship of what is happening to the brand plays a fundamental role in success.

In turn, a Digital Marketing Agency puts into play all the experience of its teams to achieve, together with the brand or company, the objectives, and to be able to fully achieve them.

Benefits of having a Digital Marketing Agency

We list below the main benefits of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, detailing in each case the significant improvements that can enhance your company.

· Trained and certified team

One of the luxuries of hiring an Agency is having a team of professionals specialized in Marketing, Advertising, Design and Communication. Professionals are at the forefront of news and attentive to changes in market habits, to make the most of any growth opportunity for brands.

· Limitless creativity

The professional agency generates novel ideas using the creativity of its talents to the maximum. New and creative ideas mean different ways of approaching the strategies that will lead to meeting the previously agreed objectives. The ideas proposed by the Agency were previously evaluated and coincide with the voice of the brand.

· Scalability and speed

The efficient management of teams to carry out advertising campaigns and the generation of valuable content is a key that a Digital Agency has. The ability to maneuver and operate with speed is essential to ensure that the brand communicates with its leads and announces its promotions, news, etc. in a timely manner.

· 360º Comprehensive Strategy

The Agencies that provide a 360 Strategy or also called Comprehensive Strategy, generate joint actions in the different media, planning, communicating and analyzing the same idea adapted to the space where it is displayed, thus strengthening the institutional identity of the company. Her knowledge in the different areas makes her strong when creating strategies adapted to each need and client.

· Analytical vision to make decisions

A great quality of an Integral Digital Agency is the ability to analyze the data obtained in each advertising campaign or online action, to turn those results into more than valuable information for making decisions.

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The design and structure of a landing page is just as important as its content.

We develop Digital Marketing strategies for all types of brands

The digital world is something new for many people and there are an infinity of concepts that you have to know how to handle, therefore, we recommend that you request the accompaniment of a certified digital marketing agency.

In Better Digital Agency we can help you in the development of your brand, from the creation of the Visual Identity to the development and implementation of strategies that will enhance your brand 100%.

We are a Google Partner Agency, that is, we have training and certifications from Google that approve our specialization in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Video Ads and Development of sites for mobile devices. We are also Facebook Marketing Partners, Bing Certificate, Woorank Expert, specialist Tendube and MercadoLibre Certified Consultant.

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