Terms and Conditions

Paying a company invoice implies knowing and fully accepting our terms and conditions listed in this section of our website.

Unless expressly notified otherwise:
· All amounts are expressed in Argentine Pesos and NET without VAT, Withholdings or any applicable tax, where appropriate, unless expressly indicated otherwise.
· Our works are always budgeted in signature mode (Agency Logo + Link), in case of requiring its elimination, it can be done by consulting its cost which will depend on the type of development.
· The validity of the proposals is 15 days and is subject to modifications. Community Management plans: failure to respond in time to the approval of the design and / or content grid and / or not to send the content (texts / images) by email one week in advance to be able to schedule the posts implies losing those posts, that is, no content is re-scheduled for subsequent weeks.
· Charges for: hosting, housing, isologo vectorization, translations, photographic sessions, purchase of images, production and loading of content, etc. are not included.
· A client portfolio will be created on our website, showing the works carried out by the Agency, these are indexed and positioned by search engines.
· Web Developments: By hiring our hosting services, the configuration, upload and online set-up of the works are rewarded. In case of not contracting the hosting with us, the work ends with the delivery of the files to the client.
· Cancellation or cancellation of any Monthly Service or Agency Fee is effective only with a minimum prior notification of 20 business days, otherwise it is automatically renewed.
· The amount paid for the first Online Consulting and Advice Meeting, in the event that they decide that we begin to work together and hire our services within 30 days of having the meeting, is deducted from the final amount. If they request more than one Online Consulting and Advice Meeting, prior to contracting services, a payment button is generated for each one of them, and only the value of the first online Meeting of Consulting and Advice.

Maximum development times and schedule (does not include customer feedback):
Times are counted upon receipt and delivery of the material in full to the Agency

· Logo Design: 5 business days.
· Brandboard design: 5 business days.
· Brand Manual Design: 5 business days.
· Naming service: 5 business days.
· Card Design: 5 business days.
· Brochure Design: 10 business days.
· Institutional Stationery Design: 5 business days.
· Design Stickers: 5 business days.
· Instagram Filter Design: 8 business days.
· Image Newsletter Design: 5 business days.
· HTML Newsletter Design: 10 business days.
· Design Banners Display Networks: 5 business days.
· Banners Design: 5 business days.
· Sliders design: 5 business days.
· Design and writing of notes: 7 business days.
· Advertising Landing Page Development: 10 business days.
· Landing Page SEO development: 15 business days.
· Institutional Website Development: 20 business days.
· Full Website Development: 30 business days.
· Blog Website Development: 45 business days.
· Portal Website Development: 45 business days.
· Catalog Website Development: 50 business days.
· Web Site Development with Cart: 50 business days.
· E-Commerce Platform Development: 80 business days.
· Customization TANNUBE: 10 business days.
· Customized development for Tendenube: 45 business days.
· Advertising Set-up: 5 business days.
· Initial Community Management Set-up: 5 business days.
· SEO Positioning Service Set-up: 5 business days.
· Mercadolibre Consulting Service Set-up: 5 business days.

Any reason beyond the Agency (impossibility of operating domains, not having vectorized isologos, lack and / or incompatibility of hosting, cancellation of the project, will of the client, differences between partners, among other possible causes) that makes it impossible to carry out the contracted service , will remain in favor of the client the amount paid less the expenses that the Agency liquidates for its consideration. No money will be returned in any case, the client is entitled to allocate that paid credit in favor of another service.

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