Community Management, E-Commerce Store, Google Ads, Landing Page, Logo Design, Packaging Design

Wash · Branding + Packaging + Digital Marketing



Wash is a young company, committed to the well-being and care of home and family. We carry out a comprehensive development for the brand, from its Branding, Logo Design, Institutional Stationery to its 360 Digital Marketing strategy, in which we work on its Social Networks, Landing Page for sanitizing services and products, Online Store for sale to the public and wholesaler and its Advertising Campaigns on Google and Social Ads. We also design your labels for our own products, such as Lavandin, Floor Deodorants, Chlorine and fragrance cleaners.

We are super happy with the solid identity that was generated for the brand, moving to the different media, supports and communication channels with its public.

  • Cliente: Wash
  • Rubro: Cleaning / Pool / Garden
  • Servicios: Digital Marketing + Logo design + Branding + Label design + Packaging + Landing Page + E-commerce + Google Ads + Social Ads + Community Management
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